| 22-11-2017

Promoting traditional occupation for better livelihood

Visitors buying the products in exhibition

Last week, Tharu Kumal community from Dang participated in 13 Art Exhibition which was held 17-21 November 2017 in Kathmandu. The community has travelled all the way from Dang to Kathmandu promoting their traditional occupation, i.e. making clay pots. In this 5 days exhibition, the community sold their beautifully decorated handicrafts made by clay and earned money for their livelihood. The exhibition has not only been a platform to sell their products, but also exposed themselves with their traditional occupation.

FIAN Nepal is supporting this community for strengthening their capacity and establishing linkages with other supporting organizations. The community has received skill development training from Poverty Alleviation Fund which also supported their participation in the exhibition. According to Damu Tharu Kumal, one of the member of the community said, “FIAN Nepal supported to be  organized and linked us with other NGOs. We received trainings for skill development from Poverty Alleviation Fund. An exposure visit in Bhaktapur last year conducted by FIAN Nepal helped us to know new technologies, market, marketing skill and policies. Now we are also getting demands through online and social media. We are now capable to seek other resources”.

Tharu Kumal community of Dang is a landless community and their main demand is land entitlement which is still pending in spite of the recommendation given by the VDC due to Landless Commission being dissolved. Other demands are occupation preservation, income generation, alternative livelihood support which the community is gradually accessing from various GOs and NGOs. Increased production through the support from government and non-government agencies, wholesalers from city area and from other districts to directly approach the community to buy their products in bulk.

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