| 01-06-2017

Government of Nepal prepares for permanent embankment along Rapti River

Government of Nepal called an invitation for e-bid for the construction of permanent embankment in Rapti River along Dang and Banke districts where water induced disaster occurs annually. Livelihood of flood affected people of 6 VDCs (Gangapur, Matehiya, Fattepur, Betahani, Holiya and Banakatti) of Banke are suffering from flood in the river and change of water course due to the construction of Laxmanpur Dam & Kalkalwa Afflux Bund by the Government of India. According the bid invitation published in 19th May 2017 by People’s Embankment Program Field Office based in Dang district, the construction of the embankment will be made in Fattepur VDC of Banke along with other VDCs of Dang. The permanent embankment will help to control flooding in the river to secure the right to food of the affected people. FIAN Nepal continuously supporting the vulnerable communities of 6 VDCs of Banke by orienting, organizing, empowering, strengthening their capacities to claim their rights since 2009. The affected communities and local political leaders of Banke district along with Members of Parliament organized a delegation to Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Irrigation in 2-6 May 2017 demanding budget allocation for the construction of permanent embankment in the affected areas.


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