| 16-04-2019

Gajuri Rural Municipality is formulating LFNSP to ensure Right to Food

Local Food and Nutrition Security Plan (LFNSP) is the key to ensure Right to Food envisioned in the constitution and the implementation of Right to Food and Food Sovereignty Act, 2018 for the prosperity of the nation and citizen. FIAN Nepal sensitized the local government representatives and officials of Gajuri Rural Municipality during frequent formal and informal interactions, and thus has realized the need of LFSNP to eliminate hunger and malnutrition boosting agriculture system. Referring the vision of “Prosper and Happy Gajuri Rural Municipality” from its Master Plan, the local government agreed to formulate its LFNSP and had set the vision of LFNSP as “Social and Economic Equality: Hunger Free Gajuri Rural Municipality”.

The decision was made on 6 June 2018 to initiate the formulation of LFNSP with technical support of FIAN Nepal which was later officially agreed on 9 December 2018 through signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Rural Municipality and FIAN Nepal. As of the decision, the RM allocated budget to initiate the formulation of LFNSP in FY 2018/19 annual plan. Similarly, FIAN Nepal organized series of interaction meetings, workshops to sensitize, orient the elected government representatives and staff.

Chairperson of the RM addressing the participants in a workshop

In this process, FIAN Nepal organized a workshop on “Role of Local Government and concerned stakeholders for the promotion of Right to Food” on 23 September 2018 where the participants from government representatives, staff and other CSOs realized acquired the knowledge of fundamentals of Right to Food, Food Security and Food Sovereignty along with the key features of Right to Food and Food Sovereignty Act, 2018. At the end of the workshop, the participants formed 9-member working team led by Mr. Chudamani Kandel, Ward President of Gajuri RM-2, along with members from different thematic department heads of the RM along with FIAN Nepal. Later, the working team finalized framework of the LFNSP along with timeframe.

Interaction with government officials and elected representatives

As per the action plan and timeframe developed, a workshop was scheduled on 10 October 2018 focusing on Local Food and Nutrition Security Plan. In this workshop, the facts and figures based on a survey made by the RM were presented which provided an insight of the existing scenario of the RM. The participants of the workshop identified the major issues related to Right to Food along with SWOT analysis of the RM. At the end, a common understanding on the vision, mission, goal and objective were developed as. Also, the workshop was ended with detail ward level data collection plan.

Working team in the field during ward level data collection

 The working team along with technical expert provided by FIAN Nepal initiated ward level data collection from 17-24 December 2018. The consultant facilitated throughout the data collection process along with the ward level staff of the RM. All 8 wards of the RM were covered during the data collection and interacted with Ward Presidents, Ward Office staff, small holder farmers representatives and various members of user’s committees along with CSO representatives and RtF vulnerable communities. During the data collection at different wards, a brief SWOT analysis was done jointly with the participants. The President of Gajuri RM Mr. Rajendra Bikram Basnet said, “Gajuri RM initiating formulation of LFNSP which is a new concept for the whole country in federal structure and first time is going to be implemented in Gajuri with adequate budget allocation. Active participation and free expression of opinions from all stakeholders is very important to make this plan comprehensive and useful. On the basis of the plan finalized, the local government will make annual plans and programs to address Right to Food and Food security issues of the Rural Municipality”.

After the information collection is accomplished, the compilation and drafting of LFNSP is in process of finalization. The document will be published once it gets approval from village assembly.

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