| 16-08-2018

Dilip Gandharba received prestigious Darnal Award for Social Justice

The Darnal Award for Social Justice is a biennial international award that celebrates and honors the short but extraordinary life of Suvash Darnal. The Award recognizes and elevates the work of individuals, organizations, or movements that have been fighting for Dalit liberation and advancing the rights of marginalized communities in Nepal and beyond. Mr. Dilip Gandharba has been honored with Darnal Award for Social Justice Biennial International Award. Legendary Mr. Satya Mohan Joshi handed over the award to Mr. Dilip Gandharba in a ceremony organized on 15 August 2018 in Kathmandu.

Mr. Dilip Gandharba, one of the Community RtF Promoter of FIAN Nepal and Social Leader of Gandharb Community from Bardiya has been working for land rights movement for his Dalit community. Taking support from CSOs, Gandharba community has struggled many years to access land title certificate along with their occupation preservation in his leadership. As a result, 47 households of his community benefitted with land ownership in their own name along with decent housing facility under People’s Housing Program of Nepal Government. “His strong commitment and contribution for a dignified life of Gandharba community is a source of inspiration to nominate him as an honoree for the prestigious award”, says the organizer. On a panel discussion, after receiving the award, Mr. Dilip Gandharba shared his story that how he is motivated towards social movement after personally humiliated by the discriminations of the society. He said that his contribution and untiring struggle for his community paid off and highly encouraged to work for Dalit communities in coming days.

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