| 15-11-2017

Chepang Community one step nearer to access drinking water

Long struggle of Chepang Community of Shyamedada, Gajuri Rural Municipality, Dhading is going to realize right to safe drinking water

Article 30, clause 1: Every citizen shall have the right to live in a clean and healthy environment
Article 35, clause 4: Every citizen shall have right of access to clean drinking water
Constitution of Nepal, 2015

Although the constitution has guaranteed access to clean drinking water and healthy environment under fundamental rights, many people deprived of it.

161 households of Chepang Community live in Shyamedanda, southern remote part of Dhading district. Most of the family members of this community spend their huge time seeking and fetching drinking water for their daily use. Earthquakes in 2015 has also drained the water sources in their area increasing trouble to collect drinking water. Many school going children are dropped out for the queue far away. Even though, the water does not last for all family members for all needs.

Members of Satya Sai Sewa Organization performing inauguration of drinking water project

FIAN Nepal helped to raise the issue through media along with capacity strengthening of the community to establish linkages with government and non-government organizations. The organized community knocked the door of government line agencies in district headquarter of Dhading demanding drinking water project. The community themselves had already identified the source of drinking water which is 9 kilometer far from their settlement. The community had registered the source in District Drinking Water and Sanitation Divisional Office. Satya Sai Sewa Organization, Nepal, an organization working in social service, came up to help the community. The organization committed to provide drinking water facility from the source the community had registered. The organization inaugurated the project along with construction of community hall on 14 November 2017 which brought smile on the face of the community. Ms. Sangita Chepang, one of the member of the community is an elected ward member of local level election of Gajuri Rural Municipality, Ward no. 6, is actively engaged for advocacy to address the issue.

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